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Welcome to the Shore Soaps blog! My name is Corinne, and I am the founder and CEO of Shore Soaps. I will be posting (hopefully) bi-weekly, along side my business partner Leslie, discussing important beauty, skincare, and occasional lifestyle topics. Thanks for reading!

Today, I want to talk about my skincare routine. Skin is like our fingerprint, in the sense that every single one of us have a unique and different skin make up. Dry, oily, normal, combination, acne, eczema, the list goes on. At my store, I am constantly asked "how can I get skin like yours?" - or "if I use this, will my skin look like yours?". I WANT to say yes! Because these are the products that I use! But...I can't. Because I can't guarantee that if someone uses the same products as I do that their skin will magically clear up, or magically stop being dry, or oily (as much as I'd love to promise you that). So take all of this with a grain of salt. The products that I'm about to discuss with you are the ones that I use every single day, and swear by. And I'll tell you my number one reason for using them. Because they're CLEAN.

Truly clean beauty products are hard to come by in todays world of chemicals, preservatives, sulfates, parabens, artificial colors, artificial fragrance, synthetics, the list goes on. Phew, it is hard to comb through the laundry list of all the ingredients on the back of your skincare products, and it can often be mind numbing to the point of just wanting to give up trying to understand it all. I understand. And everyone, even those "clean" freaks...have at least one or two products that they love and swear by that are far from clean. And that's okay too. We don't judge. But when I founded Shore Soaps, one of my most important goals was to create skincare products with label ingredient lists that were A. short, and B. easy to read and understand. Our motto is "less is more" - from our ingredients, to our product packaging. And I may be biased, but I think that makes our products far better (and better for you) than the competition's. So now, without further skincare routine:

Every morning I wash my face with Shore Soaps Charcoal soap. It has tea tree and peppermint essential oil so not only is it antibacterial, but the mint wakes you up and leaves you feeling clean all day. ($8 / 4.5oz bar)

Then, I moisturize. I use Shore Soaps Facial Serum, in Normal. ($10 / 1oz bottle, $20 / 4oz bottle) 5-8 drops, I massage into my skin right after washing and wait until my skin doesn't feel oily to the touch. Then I apply my make up.

After makeup, but before mascara, I spritz 5-6 sprays of Shore Soaps Aloe + Rosewater Facial Mist all over my face and wait for that to dry.

I usually go at least 3-4 days in between hair washes, so of course, I needed a good chemical-free dry shampoo. Voila. Shore Soaps Dry Shampoo powder for blonde or brunette hair was born. ($7 / 4 oz bottle) I shake the bottle onto my roots and sort of, toss it with my hands and then brush through. I usually do this twice a day in between washings to absorb any excess oil in my hair.

Lastly, I am a person who has to constantly have something on my lips. Probably because my lips are always dry/chapped. So I always have a Shore Soaps Herbal Healing Salve handy ($8 / 1oz tin). And before I leave the house, especially this time of year, I always apply some to my lips. It not only heals and protects, but it gives me a nice little glossy shine, which I love. I didn't originally formulate this particular product for use on your lips, it was suppose to be more of a natural neosporin for cuts and scrapes, but damn does it work wonders on the lips too so hey, bonus points.

Before bed, I make sure I ALWAYS wash my face. No matter how tired, drunk, whatever I am...I do not touch my face to that pillow until all my make up is washed off. Then, after I pat dry with a towel, I apply 6-8 drops of the facial serum again. The lavender oil is super calming and helps me relax so I can fall asleep.

And there you have it. My very simple (yet effective) skincare routine!



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