S E R V I C E S 

We offer an array of party favor services including (but not limited to):

-Wedding Guest Favors

-Wedding Shower Favors

-Bridal Shower Favors

-Bridesmaids Gifts

-Baby Shower Favors

-Gender Reveal Party Favors

Customizable favors can include singles or a combination of:

-2.5 oz Soap "Minis"

-4.5 oz Full Size Bars of Soap

-Test Tube Bath Salts

-Test Tube Clay Masks

-Lip Balm Tubes

-Candle Tins

-Sun Shield

-Bug Repel

-Salt Love Hair Spray

Quantities range from 10-250 pcs.

Prices range from $2.50/a piece - $8.00/a piece.

We can customize colors and design to fit your theme,

with sayings such as:

"from my shower to yours"

"from ____'s shower to yours"

"thank you for showering ____with love"

"thank you"


"It's a girl!"

"It's a boy!"

or custom.

For general inquiries regarding favor services: