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ROSE WATER + ALOE Facial Mist // Balancing Toner Moisturizer // Vitamin E // La

  • D E S C R I P T I O N:
    Rose Water + Aloe Facial Mist is a soothing toner that balances and clarifies the complexion to give your skin that "dewy look" you've always wanted. The relaxing lavender essential oil calms, rehydrates and refreshes the skin and senses, while restoring skin’s natural pH balance. Available in a travel size for refreshing the skin throughout the day.

    N E T  W T:
    1 oz / 30 ml
    4 oz / 120 ml

    T H E   R I T U A L:
    For best results, use in the morning after applying face makeup (but before mascara), and at night after washing your face. Avoid direct contact with eyes. Store in a cool, dry place. For external use only.

    I N G R E D I E N T S:
    Rose Water, Aloe Leaf Water, Lavender Essential Oil, Rose Clay, Vitamin E.


    S S // :
    Always Vegan.
    Scented only using pure essential oils.
    Free of preservatives & chemicals.
    Handmade in small batches in Cape May, NJ

    Please ask all questions and read my shop Policies before purchasing!

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