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LINEN + PILLOW SPRAY // Made with Essential Oils // For the Home // Housewarming

  • D E S C R I P T I O N :
    Linen + Pillow Spray for the eco-conscious. Made with pure essential oils, you can rest easy knowing you are freshening your home with steam stilled plant essences, never chemicals. 

    N E T  W T :
    8 oz / 240 ml 

    S C E N T S :
    Lavender + Frankincense - Good for pre bedtime relaxation. 
    Eucalyptus + Mint - Good for sinus clearing and allergies.

    T H E   R I T U A L :
    Shake well before use. Spritz onto sheets, pillows, furniture and drapes for freshness.


    S S // :
    Always Vegan.
    Scented only using pure essential oils.
    Free of preservatives & chemicals.
    Handmade in small batches in Cape May, NJ

    Please ask all questions and read my shop Policies before purchasing!

  • Purified water (h20), Witch Hazel, Essential Oils.

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