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DRY SHAMPOO // All Natural // For Brunette and Blonde Hair // Oil Control

  • D E S C R I P T I O N :
    Keep your hair fresh for longer with our natural chemical-free dry shampoo! Formulated for blonde and brunette hair, just shake onto your roots and brush through in between washings to get rid of grease and oil and allow your hairs natural oil to rejuvenate your follicles naturally. *New & improved with eco-friendly cardboard tube packaging!*

    Choose from the drop down menu which formula you'd like at checkout.

    N E T  W T :
    2 oz / 60 g

    T H E   R I T U A L :
    Dust into your roots first, starting at the crown. Toss with your hands. Brush through.


    S S // :
    Always Vegan.
    Scented only using pure essential oils.
    Free of preservatives & chemicals.
    Handmade in small batches in Cape May, NJ

    Please ask all questions and read my shop Policies before purchasing!

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