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Cape May, NJ Candle Collection / Cork Lid

  • D E S C R I P T I O N :
    Cape May, NJ candles by our sister company Shore Candles & Home, in beautiful matte pastel colored glass vessels! 100% soy wax, with double clean burning cotton wicks make these candles safe to burn around children, and pets. Laser engraved  vessel, and cork lid gives a modern look, and adds style to any decor.

    N E T  W T :
    13 oz / 369g / apx. 70 hour burn time

    S C E N T S : (choose from drop down menu)
    1.) Lavender Vessel - Jasmine & Honeysuckle
    2.) Sand Vessel - Amber & Driftwood
    3.) Blue Vessel - Ocean Breeze

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